The Obermalid Hof farm has been in our family since 1630. We have deep roots in our lands and its traditions, and an open outlook towards all that is contemporary. We cultivate and produce a wide variety of foods in our fields, meadows and pastures, supply fresh milk from our cows and free range eggs from our hens to local businesses, and grow cereal crops which we use to produce our own pasta. Every one of us pitches in, and none of us would have it any other way. We are delighted to be your hosts!


Max Malfertheiner

A farmer through and through. Max took over the farm from his father, and loves being with the animals and out in the fields. Working in the woods is his greatest joy, and his homeland and its traditions are dear to his soul. Max is single-minded when it comes to work, and there’s nothing he likes more than good food - particularly the tastes of his own farm produce. He also helps the Schlernhof farm cooperative to make sure that only the very best of eggs make their way to kitchen pantries.


Farmer, mother, secretary at the farm and so much more. Brigitte loves meeting with the guests from so many different countries. She takes loving care of the hens, and is the “pasta maker” at the farm. When she’s out walking or in her own mountain hut on the Bullaccia is when she relaxes. 


Tinkerer, DIY-er, farmer and firefighter: Philipp has been working on the farm ever since he graduated from agriculture and forestry school. He has a particular affinity with tractors and machinery,  and he is well versed for electronics and computer matters . He looks after the cattle, calves and hens, and takes care of the wood work. When he has a spot of free time, he likes to play computer games or watch a good film.   


Felix currently lives with his girlfriend in Vienna. He works as a mechatronics in a company. Felix likes it relaxed and comfortable. Nothing really upsets him quickly. He likes to hang out with friends and when he comes back home to visit, he climbs rock and jumps around on the trampoline just like he did as a kid. In the winter he likes to go freestyle skiing or to go to our own mountain hut on Puflatsch.


Georg works in a metal working shop in Bressanone. He likes to spend his freetime climbing. Whether it is bouldering in the shed at home, sportclimbing or multipitchclimbing outside, he enjoys it all.


Fabian loves the adventure. He is always on the move, jumping from cliffs into mountainlakes, making turns in fresh powder or climbing outside. He works in a big mechanical engineering company in Bressanone. Just like his father and his 3 brothers he is a voluntary firefighter in St.Oswald.


Our farm, our roots. We are proud to carry on the farming tradition of our forebears. To live with nature, and to know, when evening comes, what our hands have achieved – that’s what makes us happy.

12 dairy cows and a lot of calves and 7000 hens who roam freely around the farm: There’s an awful lot of animal life on our farms. Stroll around the mountains, breathe the barn air or relax in the sunbathing meadow: At the Obermalid, nature is your constant companion.   

Playpark paradise for young adventurers

Soar into the sky from the trampoline, jump in the hay, win a table football match or play with Lego in the summer house. Try your hand at climbing on the climbing wall, feed the calves and gather fresh eggs: Our farm is a genuine adventure park for kids!   


Playpark paradise for young adventurers

Boulder Wall
Table soccer game
Floor trampoline
Table tennis

Here are just a few of the things
we’d like to share with you:

max 27°C / min 14°C