Knowing where it comes from and what’s in it. We love producing our own food, and treating other people to a taste of it: Natural yoghurt made with the milk from our own cows, fresh eggs from our free-range hens, pasta made with our own flour, and fruit and veg from our own fields. Everything that grows on our doorstep just tastes better!


Watching life blossom slowly in the garden and on the meadows. Treating and caring for the plants and animals with respect. Being grateful for everything that nature gives us. That’s what makes our products so precious.

100% of the ingredients for our Malid mountain pasta come from our own farm. The wheat grows in our fields, and we grind the wheat and nutrient-rich wheat germ into top quality flour in our own mill. Our mountain pasta is the result of loving, affectionate work. Homemade, every step of the way.   


Here are just a few of the things
we’d like to share with you: